Jack Travels to Ottawa to Advocate for “Kids for a Cure Day”

Inspirational kids from across Canada descended on Parliament Hill to advocate for expanded clinical trials for diabetes research.  This past November, Jack was invited to the House of Commons in Ottawa to meet with Members of Parliament and Senators as part of JDRF’s Kids for a Cure Day.  He was one of 40 children from across Canada who came to discuss the challenges they face living with Type 1 Diabetes and the importance of expanding the Clinical Trials across the country.  The children had over 40 meetings with Members of Parliament with a focus to seek additional Federal funding for Type 1 Diabetes research, and as well as increase awareness, educate, and put a personal face to the disease.



“Before I left for Ottawa, I didn’t know if I was more excited to meet with Members of Parliament or other kids like me, living with Type 1 Diabetes from across Canada.  It turns out it was both.  Meetings with officials from the House of Commons, speaking with Andrew Saxton and Peter MacKay, getting to see Prime Minister Harper, was an amazing experience!   It was also a great opportunity to explain to them what juvenile diabetes is and how we cope with it every day.  Kids for a Cure was an incredible opportunity for me.  I know I made an impact on the individuals I met with”.

Jack Stuart, Living Proof Champion, Vancouver, British Columbia



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