Jack goes to Washington, D.C. for Int’l Children’s Congress

We are thrilled to tell you of the opportunity that has arisen for Jack!

JDRF Canada held an internal selection process, whereby each region/province nominated their strongest candidate, and Jack Stuart has been selected to represent JDRF Canada at the 2015 JDRF’s International Children’s Congress that will be held in Washington, D.C. from July 13-15, 2015. 


The objective is to raise awareness of type 1 diabetes (T1D), and to encourage the importance of furthering research in the U.S. and in the delegate’s home country (Canada).   To all of our Team Jack of Hearts supporters we thank you.  Jack was chosen based on his history of an ambassador, speaking at the Fraser Institute, and speaking at other JDRF corporate events, but most of all he was chosen because of his huge support from Team Jack of Hearts and all that has happened with the walk.  It is because of you all coming, wearing the Jack of Hearts t-shirts, wherever you are in the world, bringing awareness and donations to Type 1 Diabetes that has helped him achieve this honor.  This trip will allow him to tell his story further, and lobby to the U.S. government, who has the power to further funding.

Every two years, more than 150 children living with type 1 diabetes (T1D) gather in Washington, D.C., to meet face-to-face with some of the top decision-makers in the U.S. government. The children, represent all 50 US states and internationally selected delegates.

The program is open to all JDRF affiliates who are currently implementing an Advocacy/Government Relations Program: Canada, Australia, Denmark, Israel, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom do this.

The delegates in JDRF’s Children’s Congress enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to help Members of Congress understand what life with T1D is like and why research to fund life-changing therapies until a cure can be found is so critical. They will speak up on behalf of the millions of people living with T1D and the families and friends who love them.

Jack as an international delegate, will participate in all facets of JDRF 2015 Children’s Congress, and activities will include: visit to Canadian Embassy, visits to designated Congressional or Senate offices (“Hill Blitz”), possible interviews with international and/or national media, and conference meetings.

Jack will go to this conference with all of you in his heart, he will tell them about living with diabetes, about the needles and finger-pricks every day, all day, and the need for funding to find a cure.  He knows  that he couldn’t have gotten to this conference by himself, it takes more than one heart….and he has all of yours.

We will keep you updated on his blog on the website, on who he meets at the conference and who he lobbies.  It will be exciting and he will be nervous, but he will know that you are all behind him.

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